Sunday, 1 February 2015

Celebrity Big Brother, the fascinating social experiment.

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I watched celebrity big brother last night, lots of conflict, abusive behaviour towards one another which apparently makes goods viewing because let’s face it if everyone got on in peace and harmony there would really be nothing to watch according to the mind.

As I watch people tearing each other apart & colluding my mind starts to make judgments about others behaviour, likes, dis-likes, “ooo that woman is poison”. I sit there both fascinated and saddened by the human interaction & conflict.

I feel sad that it is a challenge for a group of people to be put in a somewhat unnatural environment without their usual human comforts for a short space of time and actually get on. People operating from personality, from their model of the world, their beliefs and values so strong that they cannot accept the others. Operating from a place of conflict & not being able to see one another.

I fantasies about getting them dancing Biodanza together, removing their daily masks and body amour to have a real meeting with a human being who has a different view of the world, connecting through the heart through the universal language of music & movement.

Questions start to arise in me…..Has humanity/society got so individualised, so separated, so isolated and neurotic that living closely with each other is impossible?

How has it become that a group of people have become so attached to their values that they cannot accept another’s, even for a short period of time?

Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying I have this all sussed and sorted myself, I have lived in communities and shared houses my whole life and I still struggle to find peace within myself whilst doing so but it is getting easier over the years as I keep questioning myself, my thoughts and my behaviour.

Overall I did enjoy big brother as I find human behaviour a fascinating subject.

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