Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Moving from fear to balance…

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The last two weeks have been very calm and peaceful, prior to this although I was happy and positive fear was driving me. The fear of lack was creating panic and a lot of adrenaline to get me up working morning, noon and night was rushing through the system. I felt I was aligned and working well but having stopped for the last Biodanza training weekend I came to realise my body is exhausted from tension, stress and adrenaline.

This morning my body aches and I have a headache, I feel it will take some time for the body to recover from over use of the adrenal glands, hyper tension and stress over years of allowing this to happen. I know a physical shift and a negative mental belief has shifted so I will not default to the panic and adrenal setting which is the usual case.

Sometimes life or the experience of it has become truly painful until I really listen, wake up and make the changes!

Transforming base metal (fear) to gold (love).
Biodanza, Ars Magna.
(the magnificent art 23rd– 25th Jan 2015)…..

FEAR; Fear has been living my life, making the decisions. Fear of lack, fear of not being good enough, fear of time, fear of human beings, it has been running me, a stress that has run through my blood and seeped into my bones. If fear is the sting, then love is the balm.

LOVE; Love is not something that can be obtained, love is something that is to be experienced, to run through the body as life, Love is Life, Life is Love. Fear is the guard, the padlock. Recognising and welcoming the fear to transform it with the surrender to love.

From base metal (fear) to gold (love), it is through the dance, the group, the music, and the movement that love can begin its transformation.

Shanti Kate 78
Transformational Coach,
Alternative Events UK,
Love Biodanza


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