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Own your shit, the way to happiness...

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Own your shit, the way to happiness...

After a 10 day residential, transformational teacher training I received some positive feedback… “I love how you own your shit” I feel to share my insights from my own personal experience and transformation over the 10 days and years of practice (and continuing practice)….

Nobody can burst your bubble of bliss but they can trigger your response system which can adjust your feeling of natural bliss and guess what, you have the power to become aware of these responses…..judgments, anger, sadness, inner conflict and general mind projections can all be changed. This is taking responsibly (owning your shit) .…the ability to respond.

The mind is an amazing part of the human physiology, over the years of early development its filtration systems form and depending on different eco-factors (environment, family, society, schooling, friends) you will have a unique response system (possibly reaction system) as an adult. Everyone’s internal body mind mapping is different; the mind filters, categorises and sends information to the body creating an emotional response and thus a response or reaction.

The great news is if your eco-factors could have been improved as a child and your filtration system could be better as an adult you have the choice to become aware and change it. You can choose happiness through becoming aware of your thoughts, your emotional system and your behaviour.
Next time some information from the outer world rocks your inner world and you feel off centre, not in your natural state of bliss and contentment bring some awareness to the feelings you are experiencing, take a look your behaviour and examine your thoughts. Sit alone for a while, breath into your heart and ask yourself “is it true what I am thinking, how is what I am thinking making me feel, how am I behaving and do I have the choice to change?” Examine what your mind is filtering and projecting, breathe into the heart and ask “if I saw this situation from the heart how would it look & feel, how would I behave & what would I be saying”.

Keep breathing and keep moving down into the heart space, know that the world can be experienced and perceived from here. The aim is to realign the body mind back to a natural state of happiness, bliss, contentment. If you are feeling off centre know that the body mind is letting you know it is time to retreat inwards to become aware and re-balance.

Keep practicing coming back to the breath and heart, over time you will begin to notice that things that once triggered your system no longer do. You are slowly resetting your body mind programming (neuro-linguistic- programming, NLP) where it is needed. The breath and awareness are powerful tools for you to take responsibility for your happiness, well-being and sanity. It is up to you to use them J

Shanti Kate 78
Transformational Coach,
Alternative Events UK,
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