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How To Make One Hell Of A Profit And Still Get To Heaven

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Six months ago whilst being coached I was given this book by the coach, I read up to the part that is relevant for me currently financially and followed it to the letter. I don't know how but I have reduced my money owing to various lenders/friends by £2.5K, I haven't earned much extra money, my earnings are minimal but some how changing my financial mindset and systems by reading this book has changed the flow and what I am attracting.

I can't recommend it enough if you struggle with money, it is more to do with your thinking and how much you value you as a person. The universe is always responding to how much you value yourself.

Step by step lifetime habits can change :)

Dr John Demartini (Author) - he started out as a healer who want to help, ended up attracting all the people who wanted his services for free and ended up it A LOT OF DEBT. His money situation had to get get really painful until he said enough is enough.

"How To Make One Hell Of A Profit And Still Get To Heaven" Paperback – 1 Jul 2004 by Dr John Demartini (Author)

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