Wednesday, 4 November 2015

With The Ability To Focus, Why Choose Negativity?

Inspired by a CD from the teachings of Abraham-Hicks this question has arisen this morning.

As human beings we have the capability to focus on what we choose, we really can pick good feeling thoughts which create and raise higher vibrations in the body, that feel good, give us energy, emanate to others which is then reflected back.

It is unfortunate and a mystery as to why anyone would choose any less? It appears to be something that develops over time, negative thought and feeling habits. When you see children you don't see them going over the same negative feeling, they are in flow. Their thoughts and feelings stream through them; they express what is there, moment to moment and move one.

Somewhere along the way of development, childhood to teens to adulthood we begin to form habits and get stuck. We start to judge, complain, blame, gossip which we then pass down to the next generation. Unfortunately this will continue if as adults we carry on passing the baton of negativity.

I see it often on Facebook, people complaining about the way things are, the blaming "them", keeping the negative, irresponsible, angry vibes going. I really would love to know who we are blaming, who are "they"? We are all in this together; as a collective and I believe the best and first thing one can do is change what is inside & then lead by example. Great that people see things that don't appear right, great there is anger, so use this energy to create change, create positivity because what is the point in blame?

The first step though before trying to change the world, is to change our own habits, not to try change everyone else or the world's.

Responsibility.....the ability to respond.....when we develop our ability to respond and not react we can then begin to lead from a place of wisdom and maturity, but until the individuals's, self-awareness, self-development work is fully explored, until the self-transformation has been exhausted we will continue to point the finger and blame others for the way our world is.

My invitation here is for you to become aware of your focus and how you are feeling; your feelings are a great indicator as to what you are focused on. Begin to take responsibility, develop your ability to respond. It maybe a little difficult at first, usually changing negative habits are hard to break, but when you begin to take responsibility for what you are focused on and how you are feeling you will begin to notice a change in your life, in your world and in your view of the world. You will begin to notice a change in your energy levels and from there you can begin to create a life and a world that you enjoy, that feels good!

If every individual started to take responsibility for their focus and feelings, the world would be a different place!

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