Thursday, 8 October 2015

Working From Fear or Through Love...

There are two states we can work from, fear or love, each state brings two different sets of questions to my mind.

How can I earn a living?
How can I make a sale in order to survive?
When will my boss give me a raise?
How can I be of service?
How can I use my knowledge in order to support and improve the lives of others?
How can I add value to the company I work for?

Something I have more often than not observed about myself over my working life is I get excited about a new job, a new client, a new training, a new idea and somewhere along the way the excitement dwindles. When things don't go the way I envisaged or my way, the excitement can easily turn to resentment, anger, blame or fear.
I have been building my business for two years, there have been successes and challenges which have come with endless learnings. This morning I was reflecting on a talk I listened to over the weekend online, people were discussing being in service or being of service. There's a real fine line between the two and it has taken a few days for the ah haa moment to come from that talk for me.
A pattern I am noticing in my work life is an inspired thought or idea will come in, possibilities will begin to open in my mind, I start to plan potential business models for the idea, it's exciting, it's possible and then a question comes in "right how can I make money from this". As I type this knowing I will post it as part of my blog emotions start to stir, shame of wanting or needing money and fear of what will people think, I recognise my fears around the subject of money and then need to please others for approval. Back to the question "how can I make money from this idea" I recognise this question comes from a place of fear, it comes from a place of believing there is not enough to go round, it comes from a place of believing I need to compete to survive, it comes from fear based beliefs that have built invisibly over many, many years. From my formative years, from school, from work and from society, it is now my choice to shift the focus in order to shift the beliefs and my life experience.
So what if I shift my focus from to fear to love, what would the question(s) be? How can this idea and business model serve others, how can I use my knowledge to be of service to others, how can what I know be supporting others, how can I use my skills to make a positive difference in the world, how can I be of service?
When I ask these questions from love my emotional state shifts, I feel calmer, I feel surges of energy flowing through my body, I feel trust in myself and in life itself, I feel a certainty, a knowing, I feel there is enough, I feel I can live, I feel in flow.

An interesting morning reflecting on my own experience of working from fear or love. So now my question is over to you, do you work from a place of fear or love?

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