Friday, 25 March 2011

News of the World, a few tears shed...

Wow I'm stunned, I've just looked on BBC world news internet page, its the first time I've watched the news properly for a good 10 years. I gave up the news just after September the 11th and haven't watched TV for a few years now.

What I see is man killing man, children being born into the Taleban seeing their life purpose as maybe being a suicide bomber. Born to kill, to fight, to die. I look at scenes of violence and my brain cannot understand what its all about? Why are us humans so angry with others?

Then I see mother nature rumbling her ways, taking lives and wiping our world as we know it out in seconds.

This is evolution. I wonder how I will evolve, will I die a natural death or will disater, man or mother nature, take me out?

As I sit in this comfy office watching the clock tick by through the night whilst England sleeps, at my so called job/work I realise how lucky I am in this moment to be sitting in this comfort with everything at the touch of a button. Food, water, warmth and clothes.

I shed a tear of gradtitude for everything I have and for all the people I know and love, I shed a tear for people suffering in this world right now & wonder if I will suffer the same. I don't understand how people in this country including myself, some of the time, can complain about their comfy lives, why we feel depressed, stressed, unhappy when we have so much to be grateful for. One day life may not be so comfortable, I am greatful for every moment that can be filled with happiness. My happiness is my choice.

Deep contemplation in the early hours.

Love and Light

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  1. Wow, Shanti, that was profound.. Touched my Heart. Beautiful Blog with lovely pictures.. keep going.